Monday, December 22, 2014

It's about time for the HUGE update!

Has it really been more than a year since I posted an update??  I think it just got to the point where the waiting started to seem redundant and there was nothing left to say.  But boy, that has definitely all changed.  Ready for it??

I'M A MOMMY!!!!!!
This little man has forever changed our lives.  Feast on this gorgeous face...

This is going to be the best Christmas ever!!  All of those years spent waiting, and praying and hoping finally produced the most amazing little miracle.  Jeff and I feel blessed beyond belief.  Jacob was born on February 8th, 2014 and I will write a post very soon with more details.  But in the meantime, I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and know that whatever you are praying for, God hears!!!


  1. Dear Robin and Jeff, I just learned today that your life was blessed with a beautiful baby boy!! I followed your IVF Youtube videos back in late 2012 when my husband and I started our first cycle of IVF. Your videos gave me inspiration and support during a very difficult, but exciting time in our life. About a month ago, I posted a comment on your final YouTube video asking for an update. I always had kept you in my thoughts and prayers and was hopefully you would be blessed with a successful adoption. Today, I received a response from one of your sweet youtube followers that you have a son and you had posted it on your blog (that I had never followed before today). Please, if you would, post an update on how your sweet miracle baby came into your lives. I am just elated for you both! Warmest, Meghan

  2. I just found your blog while looking for videos of PIO in shots. Ugh. I followed you here to see you have the most gorgeous baby boy! Congratulations! I hope you post again soon.